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The Debt Kid
I had an opportunity to catch up with the guy who calls himself the Debt Kid. At 24 years old, he found himself in over $300,000 of debt. I had a chance to interview him on the Prudent Money Show last July. Yesterday, I caught back up with him. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to the show, you can listen here.

I have had the opportunity to know him just by reading his blogs. As I told him yesterday, I think that God is doing some amazing things in his life through this journey to get out of $300,000 plus worth of debt.

By sharing his story through his blog, he is encouraging everyone who is in debt by relaying an important message – no matter what your situation is with debt, you can get out of it.

He is a testimony to the amazing personal transitions that occur when an individual faces a big personal challenge. It takes more than just commitment to get out of debt. It takes courage to fix the personal issues that created the debt in the first place. It is a journey of personal growth.

I would encourage you to go and check out his website and sign up for his blog.

In order to liquidate a debt of this size, it takes the following:

· Unwavering commitment
· An accountability system
· Being organized
· Courage to grow
· Most importantly, it takes being 100% surrendered to God’s will

Once again, go and support the Debt Kid by signing up for his blog. His website is
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