Are You a Quadrant 1 or Quadrant 2 Investor?

In Stephen Covey’s book 7 Habits of Highly Successful People he wrote about 4 quadrants.  His thesis is that with every activity that we undertake during the day, that activity would be categorized as 1 of 4 activities:… Read More

Saving Money Won’t Get You to Retirement

You read it all of the time.  Pop Culture Financial Advice states that all you have to do is save a certain percentage of your income and you will have a great retirement. Suze Orman who could be the… Read More

Be Careful Listening to Pop Culture Financial Advice

There is a lot of what I call pop culture financial advice being given these days.  What is Pop Culture Financial Advice?  It is advice preached to the masses from the financial services industry to calm fears and… Read More