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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum? 


No one wants to work with the average investor.  Broker-Dealers and their advisers are setting their minimums as high as $500,000 to $1,000,000 because of increased liability due to new regulatory concerns.  We set our minimum at $50,000.  We are in the business of working with people and not turn them away because they aren’t where we require them to be. 


What if you are just starting out and don’t have a minimum of $50,000?


Bob can start you out on a starter plan.  

What do I need to bring to a meeting? 

For an in-person meeting, bring investment statements, a list of choices for your 401 K plan, social security statements, pension statements, annuity statements, any insurance documents you want me to look at, and any document that creates questions or concerns for you.  If you have any budgets or spending plans bring those as well.  Finally, bring any estate planning documents that you want me to review. 

How can I work with Bob?  

Bob’s objective as a radio host and his role as a financial advisor is to be accessible to those who follow his work, help solve problems and provide information to help you be a prudent steward.  Basically, Bob can work with you in 1 of 4 different ways. 

First: If you need some quick advice, send him an email at the Ask Bob section at  Bob takes that part of the website very seriously and answers all of the emails himself. He usually gets back to you within the day. 


Second: For a more detailed situation, arrange a 30-minute phone call, and Bob can do a deeper dive into the details.  To schedule, send a request to  There is no charge for that time. 

Third: Maybe you want to know more about what Bob can do for you as a Financial Advisor. Then schedule a 1-hour complimentary discovery meeting and tell Bob about your situation.  Together you can determine if you want to take it to a second appointment where Bob will give you some options to help you reach your financial goals. Please note there is never any pressure to move forward.  Bob is on your timetable.   

Fourth: maybe you have a problem that can’t be solved in the above options. There is always the option to hire Bob on a fee-type basis to help you get your problems solved. 


Finally, if Bob can’t help you, then he will refer you to someone who can help.   

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