Be the financial steward that God wants you to be!  In 27 years of being a financial adviser and 17 years as a radio host I have learned one thing.  The simple truth is it is what you don't know about money (the unknowns) that is the problem.   It is important to know your unknowns.   Bob is committed to helping you know your unknowns and to be the best financial steward you can be.  He has developed a community of believers who have access to all of his resources.  All you have to do is sign up for it. 


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retirement analysis

Either over the phone or in person, Bob will guide you through the path of setting up a basic retirement plan. For once and for all, know that you are on track and if not, what you need to get there! There are consequences for not knowing this stress level ad peace of mind.  Just email us at 

Obviously there is a select number of these Bob can do on a weekly basis. It is all first come first served. 

ask bob

Bob can always be reached through Ask Bob. Send your questions in and get Bob’s opinion. 

Daily Prudent Money

e- Letter

See what Bob thinks you need to know. Have the e-letter delivered to your inbox Monday through Thursday. Bob will also send out special e-alerts if there is something urgent going that can affect your financial situation. 



Know your true risk level by taking our risk survey.  Bob will send you back an analysis of how you wired when it comes to taking risk.  With this information you can make better decisions on investments.