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Steps to Retirement Success


        What are the steps to Retirement Success?

Pop-culture finance will have you believe that you can save your way to retirement.  Often they write that you can have a great retirement if you save 10% or 15% of your money.  Just like that, and it is that easy….well, maybe not.  If it were that easy, you would have more people on target for their retirement dreams.  Today that is far from reality.  We are facing a retirement crisis!

There are five steps you need to take to retire on your terms successfully.  It is a proven formula for success.  It is a process that grows and attempts to protect your retirement from risk. Your risk level drives it.  It takes the stress out of guessing if you are on track for your retirement.  It is a flexible process that can adapt when life changes. Finally, you know and understand what must be done from year to year.

         Step One: Planning

Up-front, you need to establish when you are going to retire, how much income you will need each month, the time period for that monthly income, the growth rate of your investments, and how much you will save each year.  That establishes a road map for your journey.  I call the process knowing your unknowns!

         Step Two: Saving

Without this crucial habit, your plan won’t stand a chance of working.  Saving is the fuel that makes the plan come alive.

        Step Three: Growing

It is imperative to have a portfolio of investments that mirrors your risk level.  There is a reoccurring theme with this process – your risk level.  Your risk level determines the growth rate you are going to set as a goal and the investments you are going to use.

Step Four: Stewarding

Stewarding is the process of managing another person’s property.  God blessed us with these resources, and it is our responsibility to manage them as Prudent Stewards while we are alive.  Stewardship is the strategy that protects your portfolio from stock market risk.  The market doesn’t always go up.  Yet, most investment strategies act as if the market only goes up by not having a strategy to protect the investments.   The key is to grow and preserve.  The key is to stay off the roller coaster of the stock market. 

         Step Five: Tracking

The planning process in step one establishes something significant.  It determines how much in savings you need at the end of each year leading up to retirement.  I call it a benchmark.  If you are ahead of that benchmark, then you are on track.  If you are behind that benchmark, then you are behind where you need to be.  I believe knowing whether you are on track or not removes the stress!  If you fall behind, you can continually adapt and adjust the plan.

The better news is that this process comes along with being a client of mine.  To learn more about how Bob manages investments and financial planning, send us an inquiry at or call to speak with Thia Payan at 972-386-0384. or call to speak with Thia Payan at 972-386-0384. 

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