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Retirement Analysis at
No Cost

One of the advantages of hosting a radio show is that I get a front-row seat to what people are experiencing in their finances. I can sum up what I see with one word... uncertainty. Will I ever retire? Am I saving enough? How much will I need? Will I outlive my money? Am I taking too much risk? These are what I call the unknowns. Most people are in this camp.  They are going through the process of saving and some are paying attention to their investments. Yet, they don't know if what they are doing is going to get them to retirement.

I am doing something a little bit unprecedented. I am offering no-cost retirement analysis to anyone who requests it. This can be done over the phone or in person. It is an easy process to go through. You will know your numbers when you are finished.

Thus far, it has been a great experience going through this process. I find this process decreases a lot of stress. We are stressed because of the uncertainty. I have found that this process actually produces a little fear - fear of discovering the unknown. I have also found that regardless of where you are a creative plan can be put together.

So, take us up on this limited time offer and know your unknowns once and for all.

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