• Bob Brooks

2 Ways to Find Money You Probably Forgot About

I have a theory. The theory is that one of our biggest problems when it comes to money is DISORGANIZATION. It takes effort to be organized. You need to intentionally be organized with money. Financial organization is a much bigger topic than we have time or space in these pages. However, there are two ways to remedy the disorganization, and you might find real money.

Neglected Gifts Cards

How many of you have gift cards that you either can't find or forgot about? You can't see it - however, I am raising my hand! In fact, I have a gift card for $100 for a very nice restaurant in Fort Worth that is a good ten years old! ( I just came across it) came out with the results of a survey that is telling.

They conclude that US adults have more than 20 billion dollars in unused gift cards. That is a lot of money. I will admit that I have a few gift cards from Christmas lying around somewhere that I need to find. The survey which you will find here is pretty impressive. So here is what you do: Be intentional and go for a gift card search through your belongings. Once you find them, figure out the value and create a spreadsheet, either using excel or a piece of paper noting the value of each card. Put the cards in a sacred place so that you know where to find them. It just takes a few steps to be organized. This article also talks about the many ways you can trade them in for cash or charity!

Texas Unclaimed Property

From unclaimed paychecks to settlements to you name it! The State of Texas is where you go if you have owed money to someone and can't locate them. Years ago, I went to and discovered that a few insurance companies owed me over $2,000 in checks FROM THE '90s. They obviously couldn't locate me, so they turned it over to the state. (had I been more organized, they would have never gone to the state!) The State of Texas has given back over 3 billion dollars back in unclaimed properties. Just go to that site and follow the instructions. You might be surprised at what you find. I ran a search last night and found that two entities owed me $100 in rebates.

Our success or otherwise with money is a direct reflection of our habits with money. To be successful with money, it comes down to building a foundation of voluntary organization!