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  • Bob Brooks

Are We Heading for a Stock Market Crash?

OK, sorry for the over sensationalized title. I am not trying to sow the seeds of fear. I am trying to get your attention. I don't know if we are heading for a crash. No one knows that regardless of what the prophets of gloom and doom have to say. I do know the environment is ripe for something to happen and that something has the potential to set your retirement savings back more than a few years. If you ask Wall Street, there is nothing but blue skies ahead. Yet they were saying the same thing well after the financial crisis had already started. I would rather go with the predictability of history, and history says "be careful." 

The good news is that you can prepare for a financial storm and be ok if it happens or if it doesn't happen. You just need to know two things. First, what history says about the predictability of the stock market. Second, what you can do about it in the event that a crash is coming our way!

I want to invite you to my Town Hall Meeting, Preparing for the Coming Financial Storm! It will be held on Saturday, October 26th at 10 am and will last for one hour. Then following that hour we will have time for some questions and answers Town Hall style. We will be covering the following:

  • What could be coming our way in the stock market and how will you know?

  • What does history have to say about the future of the stock market?

  • What steps do you take right now with your 401 k plan?

  • How do you reduce and increase risk with your investments like a lever?

  • What is the stewardship response to financial crisis?

My promise to you is that it will be easy to understand and with the ability to apply to your own personal situation.

So, sign up today! Go to this LINK to register. The event will take place at Abilene Christian University Online Campus in Addison. It is easy to get to from anywhere in the metroplex! I look forward to seeing you there!

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