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  • Bob Brooks

Are We Seeking God’s Financial Will or Our Own?

Stewardship Wednesday

Routinely, I sit down and take the time to write my daily piece for the website. I start off with a prayer that God will have me write what He wants me to write. This piece took longer than usual. I finished it and was about to send it to Judy for final editing. I push a key and the whole thing erased. Needless to say, frustration set in!

Have you ever prayed for something concerning your finances and end the prayer in the phrase "Your Will be done"? We pray about our finances. We pray for God's financial Will for our life. There are a lot of things that we hope for when it comes to money. At the same time, there are a lot of anxieties that go along with money. We pray that we want things to work out and for God's Will to be done. Yet, the human condition seeps into the scenario. We want what we want and secretly hoping that God's Will is the same for our life as we hope and desire. It is almost like we are going into it with the assumption that we have it figured out almost imposing our will on God's Will.

It is easy to do. Christ called it out in Matthew 6:24 that there will be a struggle for priority in our lives - either God or money. How do we know if we are truly sold out to God's Will? I think that there are three concepts to consider.


We want things to happen now. If they happen now, then that "solves" most of the problems. When in reality, sometimes immediately answered prayer that matches up to our own vision is not the best thing for us. God's timing is always the best thing for us. First, God's timing allows answered prayer for when we are ready to receive it. God's timing allows for the necessary growth to happen that we might have missed had God answered prayer right away. Second, have you ever stopped and thought about how many doors God might have to open and close to answer prayers? Then there is the timing in everyone else’s life that is coinciding with yours? There is a level of complexity to it for sure. Learn to appreciate the incredible process of God’s timing.


Are we really ok with the outcome if it is not ours? Are you hanging onto your outcome so tight as to superimpose your will on God’s Will for your life? One of the keys to an abundant life is the willingness to let go. Yes, I think that we should prayerfully set goals and have scenarios that we strive for in our life. Maybe God wants the same thing with a different path that we never could have imagined? Maybe what we think is best could be the disaster that we just can’t see. There is freedom that goes along with the ability to let go and say it is OK if God has another plan. Go forward with plans and dreams and stay on the path unless God shows you different.

The Reaction to Timing and Outcome

When things don’t go your way and you prayed about it, are you stressed/angry/upset/_____ (fill in the blank) or are you curious and positively expectant as to what God has in store for you? Yesterday, when Evernote ate my writing, my initial reaction was not very Christian-like. Then it dawned on me. Am I too attached to my outcome? Maybe this was not the path God wanted me to go down. Maybe it needed to be re-written. Maybe someone that needed to read it was not ready yesterday but ready today. Then I looked at my watch and my alert popped up to remind me to pray. Then I thought….God is teaching me to live out what He would have me write. It also reminded me of God’s sense of humor alerting me to pray on my cell phone. If you have a reaction other than being at peace, ask the question – "My will or Your Will be done?" Then have everything a sense of confidence that the God of the universe is orchestrating your life perfectly with happening for a reason.

When it comes down to it I think we are looking for peace in our lives. Money seems like a good place for peace. Unfortunately, it creates the illusion of peace. When we truly seek God's Financial Will for our lives, it is then and only that we create a space for God to teach us what true Peace is all about.

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