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  • Bob Brooks

Are We Turning into a Socialist Country or Worst - Just Ask Porter Stansberry

Well, the latest gloom and doom marketing piece is coming to your inbox. Every time these marketing campaigns start, I like to write about them to give a little perspective. Here is the latest!   

We are witnessing a raging Socialist movement in America today. Just for starters...I'm sure I don't have to tell you...

Three U.S. Senators have proposed a new plan to guarantee every American a government job.

America's new political star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing for free medical care, free college, and 70% tax rates.

And a recent Gallup poll says more Democrats now have a "positive view" of Socialism (57%) than Capitalism (47%).

But what no one's really talking about in the mainstream press is WHY this is happening... and WHERE it's all headed.

Well, one wealthy businessman says there's a secret reason behind this trend... and it's all leading to a political event unlike anything we've seen in our country in more than 50 years.

If you care about your health... your wealth... your family... and your future... it's critical for you to understand what's really happening and what is most likely coming next.

Welcome to the latest fear marketing project by Porter Stansberry. He is the man with all of the answers to the problems he is writing about. For years, he has been running the same formula. Send out an email that scares the pants off of you. Include a video or paper with the details. Then offer his subscription as a solution to the problems you are about to experience.  

Now to be fair, Mr. Stansberry has made some good calls. His predictions certainly can come true. It is not a far stretch to predict the worst case scenario to happen in a world that is so out of balance. However, you have to know something about this marketing machine.

(1) In this email, they are offering a free book and an opportunity to subscribe to his newsletter. The "free" book only costs $5. Once you remove shipping and handling and the cost to print the book they are still profiting off of the book. The crown jewel though is to get you to subscribe to his monthly investment newsletter that claims to have all of the answers. 


(2) Yes he might have predicted a few things correctly in the past. However, he has predicted the "end of America" by date numerous times in the past. Of course, the catastrophes never come true. Once the date has passed, he sets up a new marketing campaign advertising a new calamity all with a new date. It truly is marketing gold and far from credible forecasting.  

I write this because in a day where information is coming at you 24/7 you need to be able to interpret it as credible information or a marketing ploy to sell subscriptions. It helps to keep it in perspective. Nothing sells subscriptions and books like fear!

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