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  • Bob Brooks

Are Your Habits Hurting or Helping Your Retirement Goals?

It is customary to think about setting New Year's Resolutions this time of year. If you really get ambitious, you set goals and even write them down. Goal setting seems to be the thing to do as we start a new year. If it is so important, why is it a process that fails so miserably? 

Why do people forget their goals that they started the new year off with? Why does enthusiasm fade from excitement to being non-existent?  

It is easy to paint the picture of what you want to accomplish. The problem is that we don't focus on the journey. The journey is the most important thing. You are at point A and your goals are at point B. What truly connects the two and whether or not you will be successful?

It comes down to your habits. The habits that you exhibit between point A and point B determine your success and your momentum as to whether or not you carry through on your goals.

Here is the reality of it - we are a sum total of our habits. Habits, whether good or bad, determine our outcomes. We set goals because we want to different outcomes. However, we forget that we have to change our habits or we get the same results from the same bad habits. Consider this list of good versus bad retirement habits.

Good Retirement Habits vs Bad Retirement Habits

Setting goals Putting off planning

Tracking your goals Ignoring the results

Saving on Purpose Saving for the sake of saving

Manage Risk Not working to Understand Risk

This is why people are failing to make it to retirement. It comes down to their habits.  Saturday January 12th, I am holding a workshop at 10 am in North Dallas at the Abilene Christian University Online Campus in North Dallas to talk about the 5 habits that will raise the probability that you will have a successful retirement. Seating is limited and we have room for a few more. Go to this link for more information and to sign up today.

Habits are key.  Goals fade away year after year.  Habits last a lifetime.  

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