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  • Bob Brooks

Back To The Basics - FREE webinar

Preparing For An Uncertain Retirement

We definitely live in uncertain times. When it comes down to retirement, there are really two types of uncertainty. There is individual uncertainty. Will I be ready? Will I have enough? Will I enjoy the lifestyle I desire? Then there is circumstantial uncertainty. This includes circumstances beyond your control. Will a bear market wipe out my savings? Will a stock market crisis or the next recession change my retirement? With a new Presidential election around the corner, how does this affect my savings? How does a world full of uncertainty and debt affect my retirement goals?

On Thursday, October 8 at 4:45 pm, I will tell you what you are up against and give you options for protecting and growing your retirement savings In a 30-minute webinar Bob answers these questions and teaches you the 5 habits that will help ensure you get to retirement regardless of circumstances beyond your control. As Bob explains it all comes down to your habits. As a bonus segment the worst-case scenario involving the stock market and how you can prepare for it and what actions to take today to prepare for an uncertain future.

Today it is not too late to get ready for uncertainty. Waiting to get informed and getting prepared are your 2 main risks to an uncertain future. Sign up TODAY!

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