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  • Bob Brooks

Can Netflix Get You a Better Credit Score?

Experian is 1 of 3 credit reporting agencies that hold your credit file and calculate your credit score. They rolled out this product called Experian Boost. It is marketed as a free service designed to help boost your credit score. Through this program, you can get credit on your credit score for paying your electric, water, phone, etc. I don't know that these types of payments should earn additional points on your credit score. However, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

They just added one of the most questionable credit boosters - Your payment history with Netflix.

Paying your Netflix account on time is the furthest sign of good credit that you could come off with. Mainly because you don't have to take any responsibility to pay it each month, it is a small amount that is charged to a debit, credit, Pay Pal, etc. account automatically. So there is nothing that you have to do to make that small payment each month. For many people, it is their only form of entertainment, and they do whatever it takes to stay current. A sign of good credit? Absolutely not!

So let's speculate what is going on here. First, Netflix has over 72 million subscribers. Experian wants to get their hands on that 72 million subscriber base and get them signed up for the FREE Experian Boost program. Incidentally, free means getting you on a marketing list and trying to sign you up for the paid subscription-based product.

The article goes onto say this:

"Experian is now offering a new financial management hub inside the CreditWorks Basic and Premium products (the basic plan is free, and the premium costs $4.99 the first month, then $24.99 each month after."

So you might say...So I will ignore the offers. Why wouldn't I want to increase my credit score for free?

You have to be aware of how the business works. There is your real credit score with Experian, and there is your Experian boost credit score. Credit scoring is a big business. These credit reporting agencies will customize credit scores for lenders as long as they pay them.

Netflix and Experian I doubt are doing this for free. Experian cuts Netflix in on the upsale of their paid subscribers to their subscriber base, and everyone makes money. It is actually a genius marketing idea. Unfortunately for the consumer, I doubt it is beneficial to your credit score for lenders to see. Thus it is misleading at best.

What lender is going to say, "Let me evaluate their credit by paying their Netflix payment? Said no lender ever...

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