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  • Bob Brooks

Data Breaches Are Happening Quietly in Large Numbers

I follow data hacks pretty closely. I like to report them on the radio just to make people aware. One of my concerns is that data hacks are happening so frequently that they were no longer getting the media attention that they deserved. I just realized how big of a problem that has become. Consider this for a second - here are the top 5 biggest data hacks in history:

  1. Yahoo - 3.5 billion

  2. First American Corp - 885 million

  3. Marriott - 500 million

  4. Facebook - 540 million

  5. Friend Finder - 212.2 million

These are significant. One of the worst data hacks in our history was at the Credit reporting Agency Experian. That is due to the sensitive information that was apart of that hack. That was 147 million and it didn't even crack the top 5 by a long- shot.

Now take a look at this list again considering when they happened.

  1. Yahoo - 3.5 billion - 2013 and 2019 (500 million in 2019)

  2. First American Corp - 885 million  - 2019

  3. Marriott - 500 million - 2018

  4. Facebook - 540 million - 2019

  5. Friend Finder - 212.2 million - 2016

Three out of the top five occurred this year!

For someone who watches this sort of thing closely, I didn't even hear about First American or Yahoo. I had no idea of the sheer number of hacks with Facebook. Here is my point - people are becoming immune to the news of financially threatening data hacks. A year or so ago, it would be in big headlines and if you kept up with the news at all, you would notice it. Today I just don't think it is getting the same amount of attention. Plus the fact that 3 out of 5 are in the top 5 only points to one developing trend. Identity thieves are getting better and we are unable to stop these hacks. 

It is important to stay vigilant in protecting your information. With 329 million people in the US and 7.7 billion people in the world, the odds aren't in your favor. Just the 3 of the top 5 data hacks impacted almost 2 billion people. That is not even counting the millions of people that had their information compromised that don't show up in the top 5 from 2019 and prior years.

The best thing for identity thieves is an environment where we don't pay attention. Unfortunately, that environment is occurring already today. 

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