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  • Bob Brooks

Do You Know Your Retirement Numbers?

Can you answer the following questions?

At what age are you going to retire?

How much do you need to save each month?

How much do you need to earn each month?

How much do you need in income at retirement age?

These are the basics of retirement planning. If you know the basics, you have a great shot at staying on course and realizing your retirement dreams. It is about knowing your numbers. One of the main objectives of Prudent Money is to provide resources for you so you can learn about how money works through the lens of stewardship. This Summer, we are rolling out the Know Your Numbers project. This is your opportunity, at no cost, to spend some time with me figuring out those numbers. We are on a mission to help as many people as time will allow this Summer. We can even determine your risk level in the session. Just go to this link and take the risk survey.

So, here is all you have to do. Step 1: Determine if you want to come into the office or have the no-cost consultation completed over the phone. Step 2:  Send an email to or and set up a time to know your numbers. It is that easy. There are a limited number of consultations that I can do. Grab your spot today!  

The know your numbers project is a non-profit no-cost initiative of the Prudent Money Foundation.      

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