• Bob Brooks

Don't Fall for Scams

"Two California women allegedly posed as Internal Revenue Service employees in a nation-wide phone scam that may have bilked several victims out of nearly a million dollars, police said.

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One of the victims received a “cold call” Sept. 4 from someone posing as an IRS agent who threatened to arrest him if he didn’t pay $2,200 in Target gift cards, The Fontana Police Department said Friday.

You might wonder...could this type of scam actually work? The answer is a resounding YES! The mere fact that these two 25 year olds pulled off $900,000 of monetary value as well as the fact that these scams are rampant are two good signs that they actually work. However, scams are the easiest things to avoid. Here is a list that I would keep handy.

Legitimate companies don't send emails requesting that you update your information. If they do, stop doing business with them because they obviously don't take personal security of your data seriously  

The IRS never takes action by phone. They first send a warning letter by regular mail. Then they send certified letters stating that they are about to take action. Even then they give 30 days to respond.

There is no one who is going to legitimately pay you thousands of dollars for conducting a transaction for them.

Debt Collectors break the law by threatening ANY action over the phone and can never take anything from you unless the debt is tied to the asset that is the basis for the threat. Threats are part of the debt collector process and unlawful.  

NO ONE can or will arrest you by notification of a phone call.


Never give out personal information if approached - that could be by a person at your front door verifying information, an email, or a phone call. Always verify first by you contacting them.

If you are unsure of a situation, contact a trusted friend for their opinion.  

If you are an adult child with an older parent, review these tips with them. Elderly people are typically targeted in these scams. Scammers take advantage of irrational fears. Make sure you always put a pause between the email or phone call and the next action. Once you think about it, you realize it is nothing more than a scam.