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  • Bob Brooks

Don't get in trouble with the IRS because of a PPP loan...

Dan Pilla, the foremost expert on dealing with the IRS, is holding a live briefing on the PPP loans. IF you heard the show yesterday, you would have heard him talk about the seriousness of understanding the PPP loans. The information is below!

Are you a small business owner?

Did you take a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan?

If you did, you absolutely MUST attend this live briefing.

This Thursday, December 10th, 2020

Dan will be doing another free Livestream on the latest on PPP loans.

Millions of small business owners took PPP loans worth billions of dollars. But there are important restrictions on those loans. Not only must the money be used for very specific purposes, but now the IRS has issued new rulings on exactly how the payment of those expenses must be treated on your tax return.

Don’t get trapped. These new rulings are already causing confusion and raising more questions than they answer.

To get first-hand insight and get your questions answered, join us on the FREE Livestream right here on Dec 10, 2020 (Thur) at 6:30 PM PST (California Time).

FREE Facebook Live Training w/ Tax Expert Dan Pilla!

Details: 12/10/20 (Thursday)

at 6:30 pm PST, 7:30 pm MST, 8:30 pm CST, and 9:30 pm EST

Livestream Available at:


on our Youtube Channel

Don’t fall victim to confusion and complexity with your PPP loan. Attend this web briefing to be sure you understand the rules. And I strongly recommend that you encourage your CPA to attend as well! This is information every tax pro needs to know.

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