• Bob Brooks

Get Your No-Cost Retirement Analysis

April was financial literacy month. I decided to do my part by reserving some time each week to go through the basic retirement planning process with as many people as time would allow. This is about creating maximum impact. The result? We had such a great response and experience that we decided to continue it through May. We still have some slots open for you to participate in the process. It doesn't matter where you are in the process. This process brings clarity and as a side benefit reduces stress. You don't need to stress when you know where you are in the process. What is the end result of the 30 minute to 45 minute process? Retirement predictability, security, and stability. Join the small percentage of America who do know their numbers.  

I will evaluate your pros and cons of your options going forward and help you to develop a foundation for your future at no cost or obligation to you. This process will evaluate everything from risk to establishing the parameters you need to follow to accomplish your future goals. Yes, we help you figure that big number, what you need in order to retire as well.  

We can do it over the phone or in person. It makes no difference to me. I love the experience. It has always been my vision of Prudent Money to help people know their unknowns. These are your numbers and it makes a big difference when you know your numbers. In fact, that is what I call it  the Know Your Numbers Project. I want to help change retirement for anyone who wants to participate by helping you know your numbers.  

What do I get out of it? Research for my up and coming book. I also get a close look at information that everyone can benefit from on my program. And, no, I am not sharing personal information!

All you have to do is send an email to or call our office at 972-386-0384 and get on my schedule.

Go forward with confidence - know your numbers!