• Bob Brooks

Grateful at Christmas

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Christmas time is not characteristically a time for thanksgiving. That is a time reserved for Thanksgiving. It is almost funny that as Christians how we compartmentalize meanings of events. November is about being thankful and Christmas is celebration of the birth of Christ - check! Yet, I think we miss the point of Christmas and the whole holiday season which starts with Thanksgiving. Obviously Christmas is the celebration of Christ's birth. With that celebration comes the thought of gratitude because of what that birth means. It was the beginning of a journey of great significance starting in a manger and ending up on a cross.   2018 has been an interesting year in many ways. 2018 has taught me the importance of practicing Thanksgiving/Christmas all year round regardless of the circumstances. We all have a lot to be grateful for. We also are grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit which fills our lives, guides us, comforts us, and gives us confidence and hope.  I consider it a huge blessing to get to host the Prudent Money Radio Show. It humbles me that you listen and read my daily opinions about life, investments, and stewardship. I never take that for granted.   I wish for you a wonderful Christmas to each of you and your families. Do one thing different this Christmas. Get lost in the PRESENT! There you will see God. As a note, we will taking off some time at Christmas and will resume writing and producing podcasts January 2, 2019.  Keep the Faith, Bob