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  • Bob Brooks

Greater Memory, greater Success in Life

How many of you don't remember things like what you did when you were younger? How many of you write off your memory slips to age? I think that we are conditioned to believe that as we age our memory starts to slip. What's worse is that we accept the fate of a life without a good memory. There are three things that are troublesome with that assumption.

1)  What we think about and focus on shows up in our life

The more we concentrate on memory problems, and the more we talk about the memory problems, the more it becomes our reality. You are just letting your brain know that it is ok to accept this as the new reality.

2)  Your memory is connected to your success

It goes without saying that memory of key details is super important to success in all areas of your life.

3)  We never think about working on our memory and keeping it in good shape

Warren Buffet, who is 88 years of age reads for hours each day and is an active daily bridge player. He does this to stay sharp with his mind. Tom Corley in his blog (which everyone should subscribe to - great stuff) talked about a tip that if practiced will greatly increase your memory.

From Tom's Blog

"The study of the brain (neuroscience) has advanced more in the last twenty years than is all previous years. One of the more recent discoveries in memory formation found that writing something down three times, doubled your memory.

Writing down anything you want to remember three times, as Abraham Lincoln did, activates not one, but two independent brain processes:

#1 The Memory Loop Process

During REM sleep, the cortex and hippocampus engage in offline memory loop processing. This memory loop replays, thousands of times while we sleep, what we’ve learned the previous day.

#2 The Motor Memory Process

When you write something down, over and over again, the cerebellum records it as motor memory and releases that information whenever it is needed.

So, writing something down actually engages two separate brain sections, doubling your memory.

Abraham Lincoln intuitively stumbled upon this neurological phenomenon many years before the memory looping and motor memory processes were even on the neurological radar.

Writing down things he wanted to remember, three times, was central to Lincoln’s success in life.

If you struggle at all with remembering important facts, remembering important names or remembering birthdays of your Rich Relationships, writing that information down three times will double your ability to remember that information.

Improving your memory simply makes you better at what you do and makes success a little bit easier."

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