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  • Bob Brooks

Habits or Goals?

Habits or Goals? Tis the season to set aspirations for 2021. This comes in many sizes and forms. If you are like most, you talk about New Years Resolutions. I resolve to ______________. For the more serious-minded, it is about setting goals. That sounds more hardcore especially if they are "business or professional" goals. We get so excited about everything that is going to be different in 2021. We write those goals down. We might even read a book or two on goal setting. Then something goes terribly wrong. We get off track. We fall into the same old traps and get maybe marginally better results. However, we are not accomplishing the goals that we originally set up for ourselves. In fact, can you even name the goals you set last January? Maybe we should call them good intentions or a wish list because it seems like the whole process of goal setting is flawed. I only say that because statistics show that the majority of people are not successful in setting goals. James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits (a must-read book), spells out why goals often don't work. He says that goals give us a good target. However, it is our habits that are determining our success, not the goals that we set. So, if you set a goal, what is the system or process you will go through that is different this year to get different results? Our habits determine success in life. You want to reach goals or have different outcomes, then change your habits. Goals are temporary and set for a limited time period. Habits are something that can support us for a lifetime. Marginal habits give us marginal results. Excellent habits place us in a position for excellent results. If setting goals are point A and the goals themselves are point B, the systems and processes in the middle are driven by your habits that determine your success. This year do something different. Make your goals about changing habits. There is a long list of habits that successful people practice. James Clear, in his book, says that both winners and losers set goals. The winners focused on their habits and the process, and the losers didn't. So, here are some good resources. First, a must-read is James Clear's book Atomic Habits. Go to, and you can sign up for his free material. Tom Corley also has a great site and free material to sign up for at I also interviewed Tom. You can listen to the podcast here. He has several great books to read. Habits are the determining factor that leads to success. Are your habits supporting you or holding you back? It is time to figure that out!

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