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  • Bob Brooks

How Do You Tithe If You Are In Debt? – Part I

When you are dealing with debt and struggling financially, the last thing on your mind might be the most important item of focus – giving. How can I give when faced with minimum payments and big debt balances? Further, the irony is that there might not be a more important time in this country to give to ministry efforts as a lost world searches for answers.

Debt is the reason to focus on your giving, not cut back on your giving. Think about the reason that most of us get into debt. At one point, we strayed from living a Matthew 6:24 life. Of course, there are times that debt occurs because life happens. Sometimes it is unavoidable. The vast majority of the time, debt could have been avoided. I believe the majority of our debt problems in this country come as a result of chasing the elusive god of money. This is where we are living the Matthew 6:24 life in reverse. It is about putting the wrong god in charge.

Credit is a very convenient way to empower the elusive god of money. Prior to the financial tsunami hitting, a consumer didn’t need money to acquire the “benefits” of the elusive god of money. Credit was a great substitute. Christ could have easily said there can only be one God in your life – God or credit.

Giving is so important right now for many reasons. Specifically for the Christian, giving is the only way to practice detachment. We are either detached from the illusions of money or attached to the elusive god of money. By giving, we are putting God first. That is the first and most important place to start. Money is very problematic for the Christian. I would suggest that money is the Christian’s greatest surrender.

Money has its hand in or influences every aspect of our life. It is at the root of just about every stumbling block that separates us from God. I truly believe that this is why (according to Crown Financial Ministries) money is referenced or written about more than any other topic in the bible. Let that sink in for a moment as you consider all of the powerful principles that are covered in the Bible.

Christ laid it out on the line in Matthew 6:24 with what I think is a very defining statement. He could have easily taken more of a global approach to the things that would take priority. Instead, He called out money as the one elusive god that would battle for our hearts.

So, where do you start if you are facing that enormous amount of debt? Well, I am going to have to leave that one for Prt. 2. Stay tuned for next Wednesday.

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