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  • Bob Brooks

How One Senior Citizen was Ripped Off by a Scammer

These scams are rampant! Jim Blythe, reverse lending expert at HomeBridge Financial Services wrote this below. I wanted to pass it on to you. If you have parents that are up in years, you might want to remind them that this IRS scam is nothing more than a scam.

"I met with a Senior and her family yesterday here in Dallas. She lost $18,000 to a scam artist. I have heard this before and I myself have had scam calls claiming to be the IRS and threatening jail, bank account seizure and all kinds of other harmful things. She didn’t call anyone and was freighted out of her wits. What made this scam work is the caller ID showed IRS. It was a recorded message and when she called back they answered Internal Revenue Service. It was believable enough to her that she went to the bank and sent them $18,000. Please tell everyone you know the IRS will not call you. They send out letters only.  I know because I have had a few in my life. I have also talked to IRS agents and they will not threaten or take money over the phone. $18,000 meant a lot to this lady and now I am trying to help her with a reverse mortgage and a plan to manage her cash flow. If someone says they are from any agency, or threatens or tries to collect money please report it to the police or the FBI. The FBI Internet Crime Compliant Center is Help stop scams to seniors. Call me if you want more information."

While you are warning them about phone calls, remind them of emails as well. The activity has greatly increased and unsuspecting people are getting ripped off! Be careful!
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