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  • Bob Brooks

How the Government Shutdown Effects the IRS

Dan Pilla, who is considered one of the foremost authorities on the IRS and regular contributor to the Prudent Money Radio Show, sent an update concerning the government shutdown and the IRS. I thought I would pass along some of the information and resources that are good to know. If you are dealing with IRS matters in any form, you need to know the following.

From Dan Pilla

The Federal Shutdown “doesn’t mean any statutory deadline is suspended. For example, if the IRS mailed a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, or filed a Federal Tax Lien, you have a legally fixed period of time to respond. If you fail to respond within that time, you lose your appeal rights. The fact that the IRS is shut down does not extend a statutory deadline. You must still mail your response before the deadline. The postmark on your envelope will confirm that you mailed it on time, regardless of when the IRS actually processes the response. So, while it will take some time to process the backlog of documents, you will not lose your appeal rights.

Despite the fact that the IRS is shut down, don’t think they aren’t still collecting taxes. For that reason, I recommend you make payments during the shutdown using an online system. If you make a payment late, the IRS will assess interest against you despite the shutdown.”

Dan’s book, How to Get Tax Amnesty  is the authority on how to deal with IRS’s collection notices and your appeal rights. 



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