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  • Bob Brooks

How to Pay/Communicate with the IRS

Due to COVID, the IRS has a mail problem. At its’ worth, there were over 10 million pieces of mail sitting in trailers that were backlogged and unopened. As of October, they have whittled that down to around 5 million pieces of mail.

To make things worst, notices from the IRS have gone out to taxpayers notifying them that they have not received their payment even though the check is sitting in a trailer somewhere.

So how do you communicate or even pay money to the IRS? Talking with IRS expert Dan Pilla yesterday, he gave us these tips:

Use UPS Priority with tracking

Pre-Covid, Dan would advise using certified mail. The problem with certified mail is that there is not a live person to sign off on it. In a COVID world, use UPS Priority mail with tracking. This way, you will know precisely where your correspondence is at all times.

Keep up with the Dates

It is essential to have proof you met deadlines by keeping up with the dates through postmarks. That is about the only way you can prove you were compliant.

Pay Online

At, they have one of the best online payment systems. You can pay from your bank account directly to the IRS. There is no question that they received the money, and you have tracking built into the system.

The IRS is run by deadlines. In this environment, making sure that you have proof that you were compliant is critical. For more information about Dan and one of the greatest IRS resources on the planet, visit .

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