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  • Bob Brooks

I Am Going to Make a Commitment to You

Every once in a while I get a question on the program or an email that goes like this:

Bob I really want to understand more about how money works. However, I just don't know where to start. Can you help me with some resources?

I take that question very seriously. The whole objective of Prudent Money, whether it be in written material or the radio shows or podcasts, is to educate people about  money through the lens of stewardship. The challenge is how to reach you best. We all know the importance of getting educated. If we were all candid....who can make the time?   

I want to fix that issue. This is why I have introduced many different ways for you to access information so that you can learn in bits and pieces. My commitment to you is to continue to build a better infrastructure of educating for you. What I mean is that we will build a better more accessible system. So, here we go.....

Text Alerts - The Ultimate Resource

Text the word "prudent" to 74784 and you will get put on a list where you can automatically receive an alert for anything that we send out.

Prudent Money E-Letter

Email Judy at to get signed up and you will be notified by email every time we post a blog or a podcast.


Go to and follow our station.

Ask Bob

If you have a question, send it in here.  

Ask Bob Text

If you have a question and you want to text it, text the word "prudent" to 74784 and type a question. It goes directly to Bob.

Book Suggestion

I interview a lot of great authors. Here is a book that I recommend to read about investing and money.

Heads I win Tails You Lose by Patrick H. Donohoe

A commitment to financial education is extremely important and detrimental to good financial decision making over the long-term.  I am committed to helping you through that process one piece of information at a time.  Let Prudent Money by your trusted resource.  

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