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  • Bob Brooks

I Am Here to Help!

We are living in interesting times. Just 37 days ago, we were in a bull market; the economy was clicking along, unemployment was low, etc. It was just another day in a bull market. Today, we find out that over 3 million people who were laid off filed for unemployment compensation. The market declined over 30% at the fastest rate in history. The global economy has come to a halt. The US is being supported by Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, etc. You don't get a chance to prepare for that type of abrupt change.

People are dealing with steep losses in their retirement accounts. People are trying to make ends meet while dealing with a lay-off. People are dealing with debt. People need help and need advice. This is where I can help and do my part. I want to make sure you are aware of the resources of Prudent Money. This is where the ministry aspect of the radio show comes into play. Here is a list of resources:

Ask Bob - Use this to ask your questions

Phone or Video Conferencing - You are welcome to get on my calendar. If you need more than Ask Bob can deliver, you are welcome to get on my schedule by sending an email to or by calling 972-386-0384. There is no charge for this time. I can help with lay-off questions, spending, retirement planning, debt, investment risk, etc.

Daily Blogs - I am always writing and putting out content that I think you need to know.

Prudent Money Project - We are rolling out 50 plus teaching videos that we call the Prudent Money Project. The Prudent Money Project was launched to educate and clear up the confusion about how money works. These are professionally shot and are not short vignettes. They are 20 to 30-minute teaching videos that dive into the details in an easy to understand language. They cover everything. Sign up for the daily blog here and get notifications when new ones are uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Download the latest webinar The Coronavirus and your Retirement Money

Most importantly, we will get through this!

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