• Bob Brooks

Is It Worth skipping a Credit Card Payment to Go On Vacation? had a new survey with the following conclusion:

"48 Million Americans say they would skip a credit card payment before they'd skip a vacation."

These are people who have never felt the consequences of a missed credit card payment.  The reasons are all located in the card member agreement as to why you should never skip a credit card payment. Today, the consequences of missing are too great.

Worst Case Scenario of missing a credit card payment

The card member agreement states in most credit card contracts that if you are a day late on a payment that they consider you in default. If you are in default, they can demand immediate payment of the balance. If they demand the balance and you can't pay, then they put you into collections. You will be literally hounded the rest of your life unless you pay the balance. That is best case scenario. The worst case scenario is that you are sued by the credit card company and the card company receives a judgment against you. All of that, then the best part of the terms - you will be liable for all fees pertaining to the debt collection process.

Best Case Scenario of missing a credit card payment

Your interest rate on your balance goes up to 26 to 28%.

Family Vacation still seems worth it? If you are managing a debt problem, it is imperative that you stay current at all costs. If that means getting a second job, then get a second job.  The consequences of missing a payment far outweigh every other negative.