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  • Bob Brooks

Is It Wrong to Want to Be Rich?

In Tom Corley's excellent daily blog he poses this question. He asks:

"Is it bad to want to be rich?"

"Let me ask that question a different way. Is it bad to want to be successful at your job or in your business?  If your knee jerk reaction is to say, “yes, it’s wrong to want to be rich,” what you’re really saying is it’s wrong to want to succeed in life. You see, wealth is just a byproduct of success. It’s one of the perks of being successful."

What about from a stewardship standpoint? Here, take the litmus test.

Is getting rich and your success your top priority in life?

Is your pursuit of success getting in the way of your family life?

Do you lack balance?

Do you feel you are in a good stewardship relationship with God?

Are you looking to stuff to make you happy?

The pursuit of money/success often gets us out of balance. It can quickly consume even the most unintentional. Money/success is seductive at best. The minute we veer from a Matthew 6:24 life where money/success becomes priority, life gets out of balance.  

Here is a principle of truth

Chasing success keeps you pursuing that which is outside of you. The reality is that you will never catch it because of the need to constantly satisfy the thirst of success. It is a thirst that is never satisfied. Success starts on the inside, not the outside. True connection to God is the beginning point and foundation of success in life. That opens the door to true success in more forms than you can imagine. Abundant life, or abundance, was never defined as money only in the Bible. You will never find happiness and fulfillment chasing that which is outside of you. Only the Holy Spirit which lives in you is your one and only source and connection to God where true happiness, peace, confidence, and meaning lies.

So, is it bad to want to be rich? No, I don't believe it is either. In most cases, money comes as a result of success and hard work. Rich can only be a detour when it takes your eyes off of God and prevents you from living a Matthew 6:24 life. It always comes down to perspective and where your heart lies.

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