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  • Bob Brooks

Is the Dollar going to crash? Is Hyperinflation headed our way? What about the great reset?

It is the season of the gloom and doom hustle.  

Headlines like the ones above certainly do get your attention. They arouse fear, speculation, uncertainty, etc...  These types of emails are circulating around trying to convince you that the financial world is coming to an end. The question is, are they credible or are they written to attempt to sell you something? There is a difference between credible forecasting, responsible marketing, and hustling. It is important that you know the difference. 

Here are the characteristics of the gloom and doom hustle.  

  1. They predict something bad to happen by a specific date.

  2. They supposedly have a track record of predicting things in the past.

  3. The more sensationalized they are the more likely it will draw you in to read their content.

  4. The more sensationalized the forecast, the more likely you are going to take them up on what they are selling.

  5. Fortunately, no matter what they are forecasting they have a solution (which you can buy today).

  6. There is a probability that what they are forecasting could happen. You could make a case for the dollar crashing vs.martians invading planet Earth.  

  7. You are in luck. There just so happens to be a special price for the subscription and or package of books and reports.

  8. If it doesn’t happen they change the message and start all over again with a new date and new gloom and doom forecast.

The bottom line:

Always make sure that there is a level of credibility involved with anything that you invest your money and time into.  The reality is that there are a lot of people who are hustling gloom and doom.

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