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  • Bob Brooks

Is your money in the lost and found with the state of texas?

Did you know that the State of Texas has a financial "lost and found", and might just owe you money? Texas has returned more than 3 billion dollars worth of unclaimed financial items. What is a financial item? It is basically anything financially owed to you. The problem arises when the issuer of the financial asset is unable to locate you. After a while, they give up that process and send it to the State of Texas. The bigger problem lies in the fact that most people don't know about it.

I did this once and found checks totaling $1,500, just sitting there waiting to be claimed. The site to go to is It is a big search engine and you can search by legal name, nickname, name of the business, etc... Obviously, there are a lot of people with your same name sitting in that database. Once you locate a claim, you click the claim link and start the process.

Once you are going through the process, you have to provide proof that it is yours to claim by providing documentation. The downside? Pre-pandemic it was a slow process taking 3 to 4 months. Today, I am sure that it takes even longer than that.

Of course, make sure you are dealing with the legitimate State of Texas website. There are always scammers looking to take advantage of you and steal personal data. Some companies find claims for you and will go through the process of getting your claim for a percentage. I would always attempt to do it on my own first. Then, you always have to make sure they are a legitimate resource.

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