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  • Bob Brooks

Know Your Numbers at No-Cost

Financial literacy is a major problem in America. People don't understand money. Most have never had an education when it comes to money. I blame the education system. It makes no sense to have someone graduate from high school and have very little understanding of how to master one of life's most difficult skill sets - handling money. 

It has always been my objective to teach people about money. Most importantly, to teach the subject through a Biblical lens. It is only through that lens that we can gain perspective. Where do you start? Well, understanding where you are in relation to your goals is a good start. This is why I talk about Know Your Numbers. We started the Know Your Numbers project for the month of April, financial literacy month. During this month, I am opening up my calendar for anyone who wants a basic retirement plan put together at no-cost, no-strings, no-nothing. Yes, it is a little unprecedented. However, it is something I feel led to do. 

What is knowing your numbers? This is about knowing your future goals as in when you are going to retire, how much you need at retirement, how does your risk level fit into the equation, and most importantly, are you on track. 

Why did we set up the Know Your Numbers project?

Frankly, the statistics are alarming when it comes to retirement. Some of those statistics are reality. I would submit that the majority of those statistics are unfounded because people simply don't know their numbers. This initial step is always something that I wanted to roll out and I find myself in a place where I can offer this planning at no-cost.

This way, you can know your numbers which will lay a good financial foundation. All you have to do is send us an email to and we will get you on my calendar. We can do this as a simple phone call, an online meeting using Go To Meeting, or in person. Thus far, the response has been strong and we are starting the process of turning around the unknowns. So, if you are interested, I am ready to go to work. This is a process that works.   

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