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  • Bob Brooks

Marketing Designed To Scare You

Gloom and Doom marketers come up with marketing schemes designed to scare you into buying something. I know that they are effective because of the number of emails that I get asking me if they should be concerned.

I wouldn't trust anyone who markets this way. Here is the latest - apparently Antifa is coming for your retirement. Believable, sort of - however, a low possibility occurrence- in fact, the second part of the gloom and doom message doesn't even line-up with the threat - this is circulating around right now:

You can lock the doors and bar the windows...

... but the Antifa mob is still coming for you.

More importantly... they’re coming for your MONEY.

Like a fire needs air, Antifa and other freebie-seeking organizations need cash.

And they’re going to target YOUR nest egg. Your pension, your 401k, your IRA, your savings account.

If you think they can’t touch your stuff, guess again. If they put enough of “their people” in power, they can change the laws. And suddenly, everything you worked for becomes fair game.


You take one step right now that makes your nest egg practically “invisible.”

This free report explains exactly how it’s done.

The free guide is called the Invisible Investment Secret

Here is the big "secret:"

What Most Financial Advisors Won't Tell Their Clients About Creating A Crash-Proof Retirement
How to make even a small nest egg streeeeeetch long enough to cover decades of comfortable retirement.
The little-known income alternatives that financial advisors WON'T mention.
How to protect your nest egg from the coming market crash.

Wait a are they going to protect you from Antifa? The market crashing (which it will someday) is totally different than Antifa stealing your money.

The bottom line - these gloom and doom emails will be on the increase since we have an elected a more liberal political party. Don't pay attention to these misleading marketing messages. If they give you a reason for concern, then they are just doing their job which is not in your best interest.

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