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  • Bob Brooks

My Go to Credit Source

I get a lot of emails through Ask Bob requesting a way to get lower interest rates on credit card debt. Assuming that you have the credit to qualify, my go to resource is the Pentagon Federal Credit Union. Yes, this is THE Pentagon. Their credit cards are much better than those of the big banks. Plus, they take care of their customers. I have literally been referring people to them for almost 20 years.

You can join the credit union in a number of ways. Go here ( to check to see how you can join.

Credit cards - you can consolidate credit cards into one of their many programs. The rates are not great. However, they are lower than a majority of cards on the market. They are also one of the few with a 30 day grace period on a late payment.  

Personal Loan - you can get a personal loan up to $25,000 as low as 6.49% with no origination fees. This is a great way to go for debt consolidation.

Auto loans - refinance or finance your auto loans with one of many great programs. They are not a sponsor of the program and we do not get any advertising dollars. I take the time to promote them because of one objective. In a business full of companies that want to take advantage of you, this credit union is one of the good guys you can trust! I just want to make sure you know of them!

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