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  • Bob Brooks

One Way to Detect an Email Scam

First and foremost, if you get a strange email asking you to take action, go ahead and delete it versus clicking on it. Legit companies don’t attempt to verify or obtain information in that format. That is my main disclaimer for what I am about to write.

There is one way that you can tell pretty quickly if it is a legit email. Here is an email that I received the other day.

It seems like an urgent request. It instructs not to reply but yet login. Of course, I don’t have accounts at Wells Fargo. Now go up to the from section and highlight the email address from where the email was delivered.

If you scroll over it, you will find that the email is not from Wells Fargo – surprise, surprise

Note – don’t click through any part of an email where you don’t know the sender or are unsure.

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