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  • Bob Brooks

Prudent Money YouTube Channel

I wanted you to know about the Prudent Money Project. I have produced over 50 teaching videos about money. This free course covers just about everything. We did this because financial education and learning how money works are more important than ever...and the lack of it is a real problem in this country. We partnered with EyeCon Studios on the production of the teaching videos. Over the next 10 to 11 weeks, we will be releasing five every Monday.

This week we released the following 5: The 10 Commandments of Couple Communication with Money 10 Steps to Take 5 Years out from Retirement Insider Secrets of the IRS (interview with IRS expert Dan Pilla) Getting Control of Your Spending How to Invest in a Declining Stock Market So go HERE to check out the videos if you would do me a favor and subscribe to the channel and make sure and turn on the alerts. Finally, if you like the work, please like the video.

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