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  • Bob Brooks

Scamming Your College Student – Parents Beware

Scams are prevalent on every level of life. This one came to me via my son, and I thought I would share it with you. If you know a parent with a college student, please share. See comments in parentheses.

“Thanks for your interest in the job position. Let me introduce myself before we go further about the Logistic Assistant Position. I am Dr. Dennis Nicholas, and I work as a Clinical Counselor for the Department of Disability of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF). I provide individual and group therapy, coaching, assessment, and academic screenings to support students & individuals with disabilities (Physical, Chronic, Psychiatric, & Invisible) registered with UNICEF.” (creditability booster-there was more, but I omitted it - you get the idea)

“You have received this email because you have an offer from the University Office for Disabilities to work with me while we help students with disabilities frustrated with ignorance and lack of services as my temporary personal assistant.” (from the University – however, this email was sent to his Gmail account versus his school email)

“I care about Animal Welfare, Arts and Culture, Children, Civil Rights, and Social Action, Education, Environment, Disaster, and Humanitarian Relief, Social Services, and lots more. This is a very simple job.” (Did he cover every social cause? A reader should be able to connect on some level.)

“You will only help me purchase some Items when needed.” (key to the scam)

“This employment only takes an hour a day and 3 times a week for $500 weekly. I am unable to meet up for an interview because I am currently away and helping the disabled students in Australia.” (too good to be true – 3 hours at $500 a week with no interview- what a deal)

“You will be paid in advance for all tasks and purchases to be done on my behalf.”

(the scam – you pay the expenses which flow directly to him first and go into his pocket while the check he wrote you bounces, and you are out the money)

“Upon my arrival, we will discuss the possibility of making this a long-term employment if I am impressed with your services while I am away. I await your prompt response.”


Dr. Dennis Nicholas,

Professor Humanitarian Relief

Dennis, we are on to you!

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