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  • Bob Brooks

Should Colleges Pay Back Tuition Dollars because of the Pandemic?

Between online teaching and unused dorm and meal plans, students are getting restless about the cost of college while the pandemic is altering the college experience. This article about Columbia University Students tells it all:

Columbia University Students - READ HERE

“More than 1,000 Columbia University students are threatening to withhold their tuition payments next semester in protest of the “exorbitant” costs of attending.
Columbia’s tuition and fees — which hover near $60,000 per year for undergraduates, not counting room and board — “constitute a significant source of financial hardship during this economic depression,” the students wrote in an online petition.
The more than 1,300 undergraduate and graduate students pledging to hold back tuition payments are pushing Columbia officials to lower tuition by 10% an increase financial aid by 10%.

It is an interesting debate because I can see it from both sides. I can especially see it from the side of a parent since my oldest is a freshman.

Everyone attending college knew what they were getting themselves into as the pandemic was in full swing during the summer months leading up to the fall semester. Everyone also knew that the tuition at most college campuses was overpriced.

If your goal was to get a degree from a credited university, you would be on track to accomplish that goal. Yes, the pandemic robbed you of the college experience. Once again you are accomplishing the main objective which is getting a college degree.

In order to deliver the educational goal, don’t think that colleges have had a free ride. They have spent millions of dollars trying to keep their students safe while making sure that they deliver on the goal of an education.

Having said that, if a college does shut down its’ campuses’, sends everyone home, and does everything virtually from an online platform, colleges should rebate back to the families the cost of room and board.

What are your thoughts?

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