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  • Bob Brooks

Spiritual Habits and the 5 Pennies

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I had someone tell me a story of how they learned to tithe. We will call her Susan. When Susan was very little her parents made it a habit to give her 5 pennies each week (this was back in the 50’s). She was instructed to give 1 penny to the church, 1 penny to Sunday School, save 1 penny, and she could spend the other 2 pennies.

As she grew older, she was given more each week. The amount changed and the habit didn’t. She had the same instructions each week. She ended up practicing this spiritual habit, or discipline of giving and tithing, for the rest of her life.

Out of curiosity, I asked, “As you got older (high school/college), how much was it out of habit and how much was it giving/tithing because of the spiritual discipline/meaning?” The answer was that it probably was more out of habit until she went on her first mission trip. Then she finally understood the true meaning of tithing; transforming a habit into an act of worship.

How many spiritual habits are you instilling in your children? This question I ask of myself as well.

Don’t miss the perfect opportunity. It is up to us as parents to demonstrate and model good spiritual habits then God will attach the meaning when they are ready. Said another way, get them there and then God will do the rest!

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