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  • Bob Brooks

Steps to Take If You Were Pounded by a Hail Storm

Well, it is that time of year. The unpredictable hail storm can cause a great deal of damage with your personal property. Just the other night, parts of the metroplex were pounded by baseball-sized hail. The Insurance Council of Texas shares these tips.

  • Make temporary repairs, if you can prevent additional damage to your home.

  • Assess and note the damage to your home. Take photos or video of your home to record the damage and show your insurance adjuster.

  • Contact your insurance company/agent. The sooner you can contact your insurer, the sooner an insurance adjuster can arrive to begin assessing damage and start the recovery process.

  • Make note of all communication, dates, phone calls, visits, receipts, repairs and paper work with your insurer and building contractor.

  • If you disagree with the amount of damage found by your insurance adjuster, you have options. Ask to speak with the adjuster’s supervisor for a second opinion. Work with a reputable building contractor who can compare the cost of labor, materials and overall repair.

  • Avoid outside solicitors. Work with local building contractors for all repairs when possible.

  • Get more than one estimate when hiring a building contractor. Get everything in writing including costs, work to be done, time schedules, guarantees, payment schedules and other expectations. Never pay a contractor in full or sign a certificate of completion until the work is finished. Never let a contractor discourage you from contacting your insurance company.

This is good information to know ahead of time when you aren't in crisis mode. For more information go to

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