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  • Bob Brooks

The 3 Secrets to Retiring On Your Own Terms

Few things are a given when it comes to life. Uncertainty is one of them. When it comes to retirement uncertainty, there are two types – circumstantial and individual.

Circumstantial is an uncertainty that is entirely out of our control. You can’t control stock market declines or bear markets, financial crises, recessions, etc. Those happen and have effects on your retirement. Yet, you can manage Individual uncertainty. This is simply the uncertainty that is created because you don’t know your retirement unknowns. Said another way, you don’t know your numbers.

What are your retirement unknowns or your numbers?

  • How much savings do I need to retire?

  • How much do I need each month?

  • Am I Taking too much risk or not enough? How much should I be saving? Earning?

  • And the crown jewel of uncertainty…am I on track? (before or post-retirement)

Here are three secrets to retiring on your terms.

  1. You can eliminate individual uncertainty

  2. There are five habits that if practiced help create a successful retirement

  3. You can’t tackle circumstantial uncertainty without knowing your retirement unknowns (your numbers)

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