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  • Bob Brooks

The Coronavirus and Your Retirement Money Webinar

This is a must-see webinar. Bob goes over in detail and easy to understand information concerning the three significant risks to your retirement money. It is just not about the Coronavirus. There are two other risks that are also negatively affecting the market. Bob will be covering the following information in a one-hour time frame:

  • How to determine how much risk you are taking.

  • Options for your retirement money that help protect and grow wealth in uncertain times.

  • What the past says about the future of the stock market and why you need to know

  • How to reduce the stress of the stock market on your life

  • How to make prudent decisions with your retirement money

Finally, Bob tells you what you need to know to be prepared for an uncertain future and bear market.

Learn and watch this 60-minute webinar from the comfort of your home. Bob will make what he talks about on the radio come alive in pictures to help you have a greater understanding.  To register click here

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