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  • Bob Brooks

The IRS and "Tens of Millions Pieces of Mail"

This article (LINK) in is a real-life example of the complications of COVID 19. The problem is that it has to do with the IRS and your money.

"The Internal Revenue Service is giving taxpayers a break if the checks they mailed in to pay their taxes still haven't been opened up yet and are sitting in the trailers the IRS had to set up during the novel coronavirus pandemic. This spring, as many IRS offices remained shuttered, a backlog of millions of pieces of unopened mail accumulated in trailers set up outside IRS facilities. As more IRS employees returned to work to deal with tax season, they began to sort through and process the mail, but that hasn't stopped more correspondence from coming in every day."

I had IRS expert Dan Pilla on the show yesterday, and he gave this advice. He said that if you were sending anything to the IRS, the proof that you sent it is critical. He also said that even though the article said millions of mail are left unopened, it is more like tens of millions of mail. This does create a problem since everything with the IRS is based on deadlines and time-sensitive issues.

If you find yourself in a time-sensitive issue with the IRS and the October 15th deadline, send your mail certified that way you know when they received it, and you have the receipt that timestamps when you sent it.

If you are dealing with problems and the IRS, go check out Dan's site He is considered the authority on dealing with the IRS. On his site, you will find direct links to all of his books and free information as well. Plus, he is also available to work directly with the taxpayer and the IRS. Here is a LINK to the podcast from yesterday!

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