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  • Bob Brooks

The Main Reason Goal-setting Doesn't Work

It is that time of year where we vow to do things differently in the new year. It is New Years Resolutions time! The problem is that the motivation to make changes and achieve things quickly fades as the year starts to get going. In fact, what were your resolutions or goals for 2021? Can you even remember them?

What is a resolution anyway? As defined, it is a firm decision to do something or not do something. It is like setting general goals instead of specific goals.

Regardless of whether you set goals or resolve to do something or not do something, the process fails a high percentage of the time. There are many reasons why this process often ends up in failure. The main reason I believe is that we often ignore our habits. The bottom line is that our life and outcomes result from both good and bad practices. For example, if you want to achieve a specific goal in your career, you can set that goal and focus on that goal. However, you are less likely to achieve your goals if you are not practicing the habits needed to succeed.

Good, disciplined habits increase the probability of success! Often, we practice the same habits and change the goals with the new year. Chances are, you will not be successful in practicing the same patterns that have not produced the desired results.

Try this process – First, set your goals for 2022 and be as specific as possible. Second, determine what steps you will need to take to achieve those goals. Finally, decide what habits you will need to change to be successful.

The challenge with most habits is that they don’t support what we want out of life. Changing them can produce a great deal of fear – thus, we stay in our comfort zone and do what we always have done and get the same old results.

Through prayer and finding your strength in God, you can change everything and overcome that fear of change and try something different. Remember, habits are at the heart of what is working versus what is not working – change your practices and change your life! Here’s to different results in 2022, Cheers!!

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