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  • Bob Brooks

The Quarantine Financial Survival Resource

As you know, we started going live with our teaching series about money by releasing five every Monday on our YouTube channel last week. This week I selected the five videos that I think are very important for these interesting times that we live in. These videos teach you habits and skills to turn around your financial life and get back on track towards your financial goals. Here is our quarantine Financial Survival Resource:

"I Don't Believe in Budgets"

This is all about why budgeting doesn't always work. The video introduces you to a new way of handling your money each month.

"Finding Hidden Money in Your Spending Plan" We are wasting money each month and probably don't know it. Bob shows you how to audit your money and stop wasteful spending.

"The Importance of Building an Emergency Account"

If you don't have one, then fix this problem once and for all. This could be one of the single most important accounts you set up.

"Debt Free Mindset and Developing New Habits"

You can't get out of debt with the same habits that created the debt in the first place. Bob shows you the habits you need.

"Prioritizing and Living Within Your Means"

Prioritizing your spending is key to living within your means. Bob talks about how to go about this process and start reducing financial stress right away.

If you like the videos, I would appreciate you clicking the like button. If you haven't subscribed to the channel, make sure and click on the link and set yourself up for notifications of new videos.

Most importantly, reach out through the Ask Bob if you have questions or need any help at all. You can also send me an email at

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