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  • Bob Brooks

The Ultimate Goal Setting Process

Tom Corley's always excellent daily blog was especially thought provoking this morning. If you have lived long enough, you are told the importance of setting goals. Most of the time we set goals and review them occasionally. At some point, we forget about them and then with good intentions we repeat the process.  

Why is that so?

We don't build a compelling enough of a story or blueprint around them. Without a blueprint, they don't come alive and create the desire inside to fulfill them. Imagine you are going to build a house. You could set a goal to build a certain size house with certain features. Until you come up with a blueprint you can't see the final product in your mind. You can't evoke the emotion. It is that emotion that makes goals come alive and inspire us to achieve them. Take a moment and consider what Tom writes about this morning. Are your goals coming alive?  

When You Have a Blueprint You Don’t Need Luck

By Thomas C. Corley on Oct 08, 2019 04:51 am

The circumstances we are born into do not define us. We have the power to script our own lives. But this actually requires a script. You can’t wing it in life, hoping to get lucky. You need to develop a blueprint of your future life. That blueprint gives you clarity and direction. You feel like […] Continue Reading Entire Post

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