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  • Bob Brooks

Town Hall Meeting - How to Weather the Coming Financial Storm

Are you the least bit concerned about the stock market? Well, I am. The financial media will tell you that everything is OK. Yet, behind the scenes, the indicators show a much different uncertain stock market future. If there is trouble ahead with the stock market, then there is potential trouble coming to your 401 K plan and other retirement accounts.

I talk about this risk on the radio all of the time. However, it is easier to understand if I show you. What if I could demonstrate what I talk about on the radio? Further, what if I give you the tools you need to weather the upcoming financial storm at no cost to you? What if I do so in an easy to understand 60 minute presentation that anyone can put into practice? 

During the 60 minute presentation you will learn:

  • The predictions for the stock market and your retirement accounts.

  • Why it is important to figure out your true risk level

  • Step by step Solutions you can implement today to protect your retirement assets  

  • Learn how to utilize the 5 step method to achieve your financial goals and not run out of money 

  • Also a Q & A time town hall style to answer your questions

Register for the event HERE

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