• Bob Brooks

Using Fear to Your Advantage

I have been thinking a lot about habits lately. What am I doing that is advancing my goals and what I am doing that pushes me away? I would encourage you to go through that process to determine the good habits and the bad ones. Tom Corley has some excellent books just on the Power of Habits. He also has a blog ( that he writes everyday that takes a look at the power of habits and success in general. I would greatly encourage you to sign up for this blog. Below is one that I felt compelled to share - enjoy!

"Those who are satisfied with the status quo of their lives, do not feel compelled to push themselves to grow in order to reach a higher level of achievement. So, in a real sense, complacency is a mindset that keeps you stuck where you are in life.

Dreamer-Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, often put everything on the line – their savings, their home, their retirement funds, personal guarantees on any money they borrow to fund their dreams, etc.

When every asset you own is being used to finance a dream, the prospect of failing is a scary thing, not just to you but to your spouse or significant other. That very real fear of failing forces Dreamer-Entrepreneurs to do what they have to do in order to survive. That fear of failure forces them to learn everything they need to know in order to avoid mistakes and when they do make a mistake, they become quick studies, so they won’t make the same mistake twice."