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  • Bob Brooks

What Beau My Boxer Reminded Me About God

Saturday night was like any other night until the doorbell rang. The gentlemen that cuts are our yard told us that the back gate was open, and our boxer, Beau, got out. Now you might have experienced your dog getting out in the neighborhood and a neighbor finding him or you finding him yourself. Our house backs up to a very busy street. What's worst, Beau was heading straight for the road. Cheri and I jolted into action. I was in my car Cheri was on foot. Cheri talked to one man who said he saw Beau and almost hit him three times. Then another woman told Cheri that she had to distract him because he was about to cross the street (which he would have never made it).

He was heading east on that busy street on a sidewalk heading for one of many openings to neighborhoods. If he survives the busy street, then the next thing to survive is the wooded areas he could decide to go into or getting very lost in a maze of houses and neighborhoods. Driving around, looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack, I prayed constantly. I prayed for God's hedge of protection to be all over him and, of course, prayed that we would find him. I felt hopeless and worried. Could we lose Beau for good?

My son, who joined the search, happened to drive deep into a community that leads to another neighborhood that was separated by a gate. We happened to call Grayson, and while we were talking to him I heard, "Beau, Beau!" He found our runner!!

What were the chances he survived his adventure on the busy street and intersection? Very slim

What were the chances we were going to find him with only a little time left before the sun went down and find him in a maze of neighborhoods and houses? Very slim

What are the chances that God answers our prayers? 100% guaranteed.

I sat in my car and was overcome by a feeling of gratitude. Today's environment is full of uncertainty, fear, stress, and worry. Beau reminded me that even though the odds are not good sometimes, God is still in control, that He has his hedge of protection around my family, and that He hears and answers our prayers. Yet, we tend to act as if that is not true, or we harbor a little doubt by filtering everything that we experience through the lens of fear versus the lens of God.

No, not all of our prayers are answered in the manner we think that they should be answered. We get fixated on the way we think things should play out. As we do that, we get in the way of what God wants for us. That is not evidence that God doesn't answer our prayers. If we dictated how we wanted everything to happen, we would miss out on God's vision for our life! His timing and His ways are the best-laid plans for our life. We have to trust a bigger plan is in play and that He has us all of the way through.

Live as if God's promises are God's promises, and you will have a different experience and relationship with Him.

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