• Bob Brooks

What Controversial Economist and Forecaster Harry Dent Predicts Will Happen in the Stock Market

Analyst and Best Selling Author Harry Dent has accurately forecast many events. I remember when I first started in the business Harry had released a book called the Great Boom Ahead. I remember reading that book from cover to cover. That was 1994. I also remember the climate then in 1994. Not a good year for the market. The fed had started raising rates in February of 1994. The forecasts were not good. Here was Harry Dent forecasting a booming economy and stock market. Many thought he was wrong. Turned out he was dead on. From 1995 to 2000 what he wrote about happened. Today he brings the opposite message in his book Zero Hour as well as a few questions regarding his upcoming book 2020-The Tipping Point.

I interviewed Harry this morning and the show will air this afternoon. We talk about his book Zero Hour and his forecast for the future. It would be what I would call the worst case scenario. Is it something to fear?  I would encourage you to think about what Proverbs 22:3 and 27:12 has to say. 


" A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences."

To me this is the verse (2 times for emphasis) of risk management for the prudent steward. Foreseeing the danger or the risk is to understand the possibilities of what could happen in the market and have a Plan B tucked away just in case. It is not about fearing the future. It is about going forward in confidence.  

This is about risk management and God calls us to manage risk with what He has blessed us with. I talk about this at length at my Town Hall Meeting this Saturday the 21st. We have a few spots left. Once we fill up, the registration will close. Go HERE for more information.

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