• Bob Brooks

What Do You Value When It Comes to Money?

I think a lot about how to solve one question: Why don't people achieve financial satisfaction? Most people don't seem to be happy or satisfied with their financial situation. The frustration builds without knowing why. They can't put a finger on it. I am not suggesting that we need to find happiness in our financial situation. That is furthest from the truth.

We can only find true satisfaction in our finances by knowing we are being the financial stewards that God wants of us. So why this level of dissatisfaction? Why are we failing to achieve retirement goals, savings goals, etc.?

I talk a lot about the lack of financial education and the influence of Pop Culture Finance being the problem. They contribute to the issues but in reality, neither of them are at the heart of the problem.

The problem is that we apply our values to money.

Let me explain: The values we obtain for moral guidance through life are displaced on matters of money.

Take a look at where you are spending money. That is where you are currently placing "value attention." If you were really honest with yourself, is this how you want to use your values?

At the core of every financial decision, our actions are governed by our values. We spend a lot of money eating out because we value it. We spend a lot of money on stuff because it makes us value it. Those items that money can buy make us feel good. If we were honest with ourselves, do we want to value allocating resources in that way? God wants us to be Stewards of money by tithing, setting and attaining financial goals, financial responsibility, getting out of the debt trap. Yet, if we were truthful with ourselves, steward values are replaced by those things on our own value hierarchy.

This is not intended to guilt anyone for the way they choose to spend money. I write this as a reminder to myself as I write to you. It is about awakening to find God in your allocation and ranking of financial resources (aka your paycheck). The reality is that you won't find true satisfaction in your financial situation or your life in general until you allow God to rearrange your values to the point where you are truly living a Matthew 6:24 life.

Mathew 6:24 - 24: “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.